Unlimited design space

The ability of traditional manufacturing technology a...

No need to assemble

3D printing enables components to be integrated. Tradi...

Manufacturing complex items does not increase costs

As far as traditional manufacturing is concerned, the m...

Product diversification does not increase costs

A 3D printer can print many shapes, and it can make differ...

Advantage 1

Prototype, test, design is not only visual, and touch, he can be very intuitive in physical form to reflect the designer's creative, to avoid the disadvantages of "painted a nice which does not look good". The hand in the production of new product development, is an indispensable product shape the process of scrutiny.

Advantage 2

Test structure design because of the board is the assembly, so that it can directly reflect the structure is reasonable or not, the ease of installation. Facilitate the early detection of problems, solve problems.

Advantage 3

Avoid direct open mould risk due to the mold manufacturing cost is high, relatively large die hundreds of thousands or even millions of value, if found unreasonable or other problems in the process of mold, one can imagine the loss. The palm is made to avoid such losses, reduce the risk of mold.

Advantage 4

To make our products available time greatly ahead of time because of the excessive of Shouban, you can in the mold development before the use of hand made products, publicity, sales and production of even early preparatory work, early occupation of the market.

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